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Come join us for 1:1 lesson or bring a friend and create a duet!

We love working with people of all ages, fitness levels, and backgrounds


Dhyana Garcia MFA, AWC

Holistic Movement Specialist

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Melissa Lowell BS, NCPT

Fletcher Pilates Professional Teacher 

and faculty member

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Former massage therapist, UW Biology graduate, nature/animal lover, and avid traveler who is passionate about sharing the world of Pilates and movement with her clients.


One of her favorite aspects of teaching is helping clients to find the “Aha!” moments in their mind-body connection. Clients can bring this new awareness into their daily lives to improve posture, performance, breathing patterns, strength, bring pain relief, and just feel good – which provides more happiness and ease in life!

She offers Pilates, yoga and meditation sessions, a perfect balance between building strength and stability, with mindfulness and flow.

Dhyana’s holistic method is precise and intuitive, meeting clients where they are. No sessions are the same, they evolve and have a specific rhythm which helps clients regenerate the mind, and balance the nervous system.


Certified Pilates instructor, Vinyasa and Forrest Yoga teacher, Ayurvedic wellness counselor and former dance faculty at the University of Washington. She performs and teaches butoh, a dance and somatic movement from Japan, and  believes in the power of movement as medicine. 

Breathing Room Studio

1001 NE Boat Street. Suite 2, Seattle WA 98115

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