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Pilates Instructor


Breathing Room Studio is an ideal place for personalized attention in Pilates and yoga.  Whether you’re looking to strengthen your body, enhance flexibility, refine your posture, or simply to keep your body moving and find the stress relief of some Breathing Room, our experienced and caring instructors will support and guide you toward your individual goals.  




Ready to elevate your fitness journey? Join us for a Pilates or Yoga duet class with a friend or loved one and unlock the perfect blend of fitness, wellness, and fun. 

Studies show sharing the joy of movement together not only strengthens your bodies but also increases motivation, accountability, and provides you the opportunity for more social interaction (i.e. fun!)  





 Embark on a journey towards prioritizing your physical and mental health by embracing a regular practice with our membership. Not only will you save money, but you'll also begin to experience the Breathing Room that comes from placing your well-being first. Join us today as a member and take take charge of your physical and mental wellness.



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